Mark Maloney, Executive Director

Mark graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney with a Bachelor of Business (Hons) in 1993. Mark is a member of the Advisory Board for the UTS Business School.

Mark has 15 years’ experience in investment markets, having held senior management positions with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co and Goldman Sachs Group Inc in London and Sydney.

Mark was a Non-Executive Director of Sumo IP Holdings Pty Ltd. He resigned in 2018 prior to the board resolving to put the company into voluntary administration as a result of (amongst other things) increased competition, declining margins and certain cost pressures. In administration, the company reorganised its structure (including by selling certain unprofitable sites) and reduced costs. The company subsequently entered into a Deed of Company Arrangement (that was approved by creditors) and returned to the control of its directors and continues trading today.